Elder Care Colts Neck NJ: What Type of Physical Changes Should Your Senior Expect After a Stroke?

Elder Care Colts Neck NJ: What Type of Physical Changes Should Your Senior Expect After a Stroke?

Stroke is a major medical event that can have lasting effects for the person who suffers it. As a family caregiver, it is important to understand the effects it can have on your aging loved one and how you can give them the care they need to overcome the effects and move forward in a healthier way. While most people immediately think of the cognitive effects of a stroke, there are many other ways a stroke can impact your loved one, including major changes to their physical functioning. Understanding these effects can help you to recognize how the stroke has influenced your parent and ensure your loved one is getting the support and care they need to manage these effectively.

Some of the physical changes your parent might expect after a stroke include:

  • Weakness. A commonly recognizable effect of stroke is paralysis or weakness on one side of the body. The weakness impacts the opposite side of the body as the side of the brain damaged by the stroke
  • Fatigue. Your senior is likely to experience marked and significant fatigue as they heal from their stroke and even after. Proper care, good nutrition, and regular physical activity can help manage fatigue
  • Spasticity. Your parent may notice that when they go to move a limb, the muscle flexes and shortens, creating stiffness and even freezing in abnormal positions
  • Seizures. An effect you might not expect after a stroke is seizures. This malfunction in the brain can lead to blackouts, involuntary movements, changes in brain functioning, and more
  • Balance problems. Many elderly adults struggle with issues with balance, but it is even more common among those who have suffered a stroke. This can greatly increase fall risk, putting your senior in danger.

An elder care provider can be instrumental in supporting a high quality of life for an elderly adult who is living with mobility challenges. If you are a family caregiver for a senior who is experiencing balance problems, compromised gait, limited range of motion or flexibility, or other issues, you have likely noticed the negative impact these limitations can have on your parent’s health, functioning, and quality of life. From diminished physical health to increased risk for disease to higher risk for mental and emotional health problems, these issues can have a serious impact on your parent’s lifestyle. An elderly home care services provider can offer your aging parent customized services designed specifically to help them manage their daily tasks, stay active and engaged in the world around them, and maintain their safety as they age in place.

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