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Your senior might find that the daily battle with chronic health issues is exhausting for her. But what if it didn’t have to be? There might be some things you can both do to help take a bit of the load off her shoulders.

Develop a Plan with Her Doctor

Your senior’s doctor is probably the best place to start when you’re battling a chronic health issue. Her doctor can help you to map out what’s working, what isn’t, and what might be a possibility. There might be treatments your senior hasn’t considered, and her doctor can help her to explore those options. Once you have a plan, you can start putting it in motion.

Determine if Exercise Will Help

One of the solutions your seniors’ doctor might suggest could be exercise. Moving more is an option for managing chronic health issues far more than most people suspect. Even conditions like arthritis and heart disease can benefit from exercise. The key is doing just the amount and type of exercise that is right for your senior’s health issues. Her doctor can help you to figure that out.

Track What She’s Eating

What your elderly family member eats is incredibly important. The human body needs nutrients and vitamins from food that it uses to help itself to function as well as possible. When your elderly family member is already feeling terrible due to her health, eating foods that are high in empty calories can make the situation worse. Work toward introducing plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to your senior’s diet.

Line up Some Extra Help

Placing a bigger priority on her health may make your senior feel as if there are other aspects of her life she can’t keep up with as readily. That’s normal and there are plenty of solutions. One that works really well is to bring in home care providers to help out. They can take over repetitive tasks for your senior, which frees up both time and energy for her to focus on herself.

With small changes, your senior may find that it’s much easier for her to manage health conditions that once seemed impossible to her. This can give her a huge morale boost when she might need it the most. As she keeps focusing on her health, she might even find that she has a better handle on the situation than ever before.

Excerpt: Dealing with chronic health conditions is not easy, especially for your senior.

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