Homecare Marlboro Township, NJ: Weight Loss Help
Homecare Marlboro Township, NJ: Weight Loss Help

Has your elderly loved one’s doctor recently told them that they are overweight or even obese? If so, it is important that they understand the severity of these terms. While being a couple of pounds overweight might not have major effects on their health, being moderately overweight to obese can make a huge difference. It can cause your elderly loved one to develop heart disease, have a harder time fighting off illnesses, and develop other health complications.  It is important that your elderly loved one works on losing weight. There are some ways you can help them to do that.  

Let Them Know You Are There for Them 

One of the first things you should do to help your elderly loved one lose weight is to let them know you are there for them. They are probably feeling alone and maybe even a little ashamed of their weight gain. They need to know that they have people on their side that will help them through their weight loss journey. You can be one of their support people. In addition, if you hire home care providers to help out your elderly loved one, they can support your elderly loved one, as well. 

Encouraging Healthy Living 

Another way that you can help your elderly loved one to lose weight is to encourage healthy living. This can include a range of things. It can include helping your elderly loved one to reduce their stress levels, exercise more often, eat healthier, and get rid of bad habits. For instance, if your elderly loved one currently drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes, it would be best to encourage them to quit doing these things. If your elderly loved one needs someone to do these things with them, you might agree to eat some of the same meals they do. You can talk about meal planning over the phone. 

Family Encouragement 

What could be better in supporting your elderly loved one in their weight loss journey than getting multiple people involved? For instance, you and other family members could jump on the health wagon with your elderly loved one. You could create a Facebook group where everyone could track their health goals and weight loss progress. If your elderly loved one doesn’t know how to use these groups, you can have their home care provider show them how.  

These are some of the many ways that you can help your elderly loved one to lose weight. If your elderly loved one needs additional support, talk to them to see how you can be of assistance.  

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