Senior Care Middletown, NJ: Video Games and Bonding

Now is the perfect time to help your teen find a way to bond with your parents. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. Video games often get a bad rap when it comes to the belief that they promote violence. The truth is many games are fun and have a lot to teach all ages.

Games Cover Many Topics and Eras

There are games where the sole focus is building a new world or shooting the enemy. There are also games that play out like movies. Put your teen and parents down in front of a game like Bioshock and see what happens. A 1960’s plane crash brings the lead character into a seemingly long-forgotten underwater world. The standards (Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Billie Holliday, and Nat King Cole for example) play throughout the game and will get your parents talking about the old days.

In Fire Watch, you’re sent to a fire tower to monitor the surrounding forest. Things happen that make you wonder what’s going on. You’ll try to solve mysteries, make sure campers in the Shoshone National Forest follow the rules, and walk through impressive terrain while you do it.

Heavy Rain is one of the first narrative video games. It’s a murder mystery where you’re tracking the Origami Killer. The decisions you make affect the ending and how the story plays out. It’s cinematic quality and tough choices lead to great discussions.

There’s an entire series of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie games that delve into the classic novels. You play as these iconic characters and solve puzzles in order to uncover the truth about stolen jewels, murders, and even long-unsolved mysteries like Jack the Ripper’s identity.

All It Takes is a Computer or Gaming System

The next time you visit your parents, have your teen set up a gaming system or computer and sit down with your mom and dad. Your parents don’t have to play. They can sit back, watch, and help your teen make decisions. If they want to try playing, they can all take turns at the controls and with decision making.

You’ll find the right game can promote great conversations. When you’re not there, make sure your parents aren’t struggling with tasks around the home. Senior care aides’ step in to assist your mom and dad with housekeeping, laundry, meals, transportation, and so much more. Call a senior care agency now to learn more.

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