Elderly Care Colts Neck, NJ: Undernourishment and Seniors
Elderly Care Colts Neck, NJ: Undernourishment and Seniors

Being undernourished can cause more problems for your senior than either of you might know.  In fact, not getting enough nutrients in her diet can actually put your senior in danger. 

Her Brain Can’t Function as Well 

Your senior’s brain is depending on nutrients from the food that she eats in order to function. Without the right fuel in her body, her brain starts to have difficulty with everyday tasks, even the simple ones. Your senior might even be worried that she’s developing bigger cognitive problems. In reality, eating the right foods might help. 

Her Moods and Her Mental Health Can Suffer 

Besides thinking, the brain also is responsible for sending out all sorts of chemicals that help with mood regulation. When your senior’s brain can’t do that because it isn’t nourished properly, her moods and her overall mental health can suffer greatly. This is an even bigger issue if your senior is already susceptible to depression or to other mental health issues. 

Her Immune System Struggles  

Your senior’s entire immune system relies on the foods she eats to have what it needs in order to rebuild and repair. It also has to repel bacteria and viruses that are determined to take over and make your senior sick. When she’s undernourished, your senior’s immune system can’t keep up with the demands it faces. She might be getting sick more often or find that she’s just feeling run down constantly. 

She Can Start to Experience Chronic Fatigue 

Without the right nutrients, everything in your senior’s body starts running on fumes. That means that her energy levels tank, too. She might start to feel as if she’s constantly tired, even if she has slept for several hours. She might find that she lacks motivation to do anything at all, which can be a bigger problem if she’s still responsible for her food intake and for other tasks. 

She’s at Risk of Losing Muscle Tone Faster 

All of these issues are bad enough, but there’s also the fact that your senior is already losing muscle tone. If she’s not eating well on top of that fact, she’s losing muscle tone faster than she was and likely losing far more than she should. This leaves her at a huge risk of falling and of developing other health problems, too. 

If you suspect your senior isn’t getting the nutrition she needs, you’re going to need to put some answers in place. Elderly care providers can help you to keep track of what your senior is eating and when. They can also help her to ensure she’s eating balance meals regularly, even taking over cooking and meal preparation for her. 

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