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Loneliness and Your Aging Adult’s Desire to Age in Place

It’s extremely common for aging seniors to  express a desire to their family that they want to age in place, which means staying in their own home for as long as possible. Loneliness can make aging in place extremely difficult, however. A Little Time Alone Can Turn into a Lot of Time Alone. When she…

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How to Effectively Manage the Emotional Side of Incontinence

Senior Care in Old Bridge Township NJ As your loved one ages, there are certain conditions or circumstances that can really drive home for her that she is aging. Incontinence is one of those conditions that can be emotionally difficult for your elderly loved one. Don’t Avoid the Issue Many elderly loved ones and family…

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Continuing Education for any Age


Senior Care in Old Bridge Township NJ Studies show that keeping one’s mind active, especially by learning new things, can help stave off dementia, or the progression of it. One such study was done in 2009, and even though that was seven years ago, the bottom line results remain true today. It was a study…

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