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Explaining Nutrition Changes And Proper Elderly Care Part 2

When it comes to healthy living, many experts point to proper nutrition as the key for building a strong foundation. Eating right is the surefire way to promote healthier living, yet many of us are not receiving proper nutrition. As we grow older, the need for healthy eating requires more attention than ever. Senior citizens…

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Explaining Nutrition Changes And Proper Elderly Care Part 1

Maintaining a healthy diet is a tried and true method of healthy living for people of all ages. As we get older, though, more attention is required in order to meet our nutritional needs. Unfortunately, many of our elderly residents are not eating as healthy as they should. Malnutrition at this stage in life can…

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How to Keep Mentally Fit

When it comes to getting older, staying mentally fit is just as important as staying physically fit. That’s because there is evidence that the more you keep your brain active, the less chance you’ll have of developing issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. If you are a senior or are someone caring for a senior,…

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Music Makes the World Go ‘Round

Independent living for aging adults can often mean a mundane life. As an independent living aide, you can choose to keep life as it is, or help improve the quality of life for your charge. Getting your client moving and enjoying life can increase their ability for independent living and their quality of life. Providing…

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Using Music to Benefit Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Science and behavioral health experts have proven music provides a form of therapy for people with Alzheimer’s. General benefits of listening to music for all people include: Listening to music and playing music can help keep the brain healthy. It is an exercise for the brain, therefore it can help with mental sharpness, much like…

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Strategies for Alzheimer’s or Dementia Care

Being a personal care assistant for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia has its advantages. It is a position of honor to help someone who has memory issues to maintain independence in their home. Even through the difficulties caretakers face, there is a certain dignity they can give their charge. As people age, maintaining their…

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Provide Sufficient Independent Living at Home

What’s more important than making sure your loved one is well cared for as they age, especially if he or she is at home? Knowing that a parent or a spouse is safe and has his or her needs provided is priceless when you aren’t available. Lares knows you need to have time outside of…

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Simply the Blues or Something More?

Recognizing and Fighting Depression in Seniors In the oft quoted words of Kenny Wayne Shepherd: “Everyone gets the blues.” Temporary feelings of sadness, commonly referred to as “the blues,” usually last only a day or two, and are not a cause for concern. But when a loved one seems stuck in the same sad mood…

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Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

For many aging adults, the thought of living in an assisted living facility is not their first option or an ideal plan, rather it’s staying where they have lived for years. There are many benefits to this, but it does involve some diligence to keeping your family member or loved one comfortable and with all…

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