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Six Unusual Ways Seniors Are Earning Spending Money

Social Security income isn’t always enough for retirees. If there are no pensions or other retirement funds to supplement SSI, seniors often end up making choices between medications and food or medical costs and electricity. It shouldn’t be that way, but the money seniors get after retirement isn’t always enough to keep up with the…

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Are You Done Once Your Loved One Agrees Not to Drive Anymore?

You might think that once you made the tough decision to help your loved one transition out of the driver’s seat that your work there was done. Unfortunately as a family caregiver you sometimes have to revisit topics you thought were addressed. Stay Aware of Sensitive Areas in This Topic. Anything that was a sensitive…

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Is Your Loved One with Dementia Suddenly Swearing?

Caregiver in Old Bridge Township NJ When a loved one with dementia suddenly begins using words that you’ve never heard from her before, you might become so shocked that you don’t even want to be in the same room. As her caregiver, however, that may not be an option. You may have to overlook some…

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