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How Do You Cope with Less Encouragement as a Caregiver?

Often caregivers find themselves in a situation in which they feel all alone and as if what they do doesn’t really matter. What you do definitely matters and it might be up to you to turn the tide on your own encouragement so that you feel those benefits. Remember Why You’re a Caregiver. Everyone has…

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Tips for Caring with a Senior Suffering from Orthostatic Hypotension


Caregiver in Freehold Township NJ Orthostatic hypotension can be a frustrating condition when mild and a dangerous one when more serious. This condition, which is sometimes referred to as postural hypotension, occurs when your elderly loved one’s blood pressure drops when they change positions, particularly when sitting up from a lying position or standing up…

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4 Ways for Family Caregivers to Get Better Sleep Each Night


Caregiver in Freehold Township NJ Getting enough sleep can be a challenge when you’re caring for people that you love. Either they need you at all hours or you simply find it difficult to go to sleep. Try some of these ideas if you’re having trouble sleeping well. Keep Paper and Pen Beside Your Bed…

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