A winter’s worth of dust, soot, cooking odors, and pet odors can aggravate sinus health and overall enjoyment. Spring cleaning is one of the first things people think of as the weather warms up. You can open windows and patio doors and do a thorough cleaning. Here are tips for cleaning a senior citizen’s house after a long winter.

Elder Care in Manalapan Township NJ: Spring Cleaning Tips

Elder Care in Manalapan Township NJ: Spring Cleaning Tips

Do One Room at a Time.

If you try to do it all at once, you’ll become frustrated. Start with one room and work your way to the next. Once you’ve completely cleaned one room, you’ll have a feeling that you’ve accomplished something. You’ll be ready to check another room off your list.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners to Save Money.

White distilled vinegar, salt, baking soda, lemon juice, and club soda are handy cleaners that don’t irritate the lungs. You’ll find that salt and lemon wedges can remove tarnish from brass fixtures with ease. Vinegar is great at removing mineral deposits and disinfecting surfaces like counters, tiles, appliance fronts, and cabinets.

Let the Sun and Outside Air Freshen Items.

You can’t run some items through a washing machine. You don’t have to. Take items that can’t withstand washing outside. Shake them out and hang them in the sun for the afternoon. This helps air out comforters, blankets, curtains, pillows, and rugs.

Vinegar and Hot Water Clean Carpeting and Upholstery.

Dust gets into carpet fibers and upholstery. After a winter, they can make things look dingy. Clean a senior’s carpets and upholstery using a mixture of hot water and white vinegar. You may need to rent a carpet shampooer with upholstery attachments if you don’t own one. You’re not leaving residue behind that can trap dirt.

Go Through Cabinets, the Pantry, and the Fridge/Freezer.

It’s a good time to go through the cabinets, pantry, fridge, and freezer. Look for outdated foods. Check that cans are not bulging and that jars haven’t popped the safety seal. For jars that have been opened, make sure there is no mold growing.

Wipe down all shelves with vinegar and hot water. Dry everything before you put it back. If there are foods that were purchased on sale and never opened, find out if they will get used. If not, set them aside to donate to a food pantry.

Don’t Forget the Walls.

Residue from pellet stoves, wood stoves, and cooking can cling to your walls and ceiling. Wipe down walls with hot water to remove dust and residue. Follow with a clean cloth to dry any excess water.

To keep the house clean throughout the year, hire caregivers. Arthritis doesn’t have to limit your mom and dad from vacuuming, dusting, and keeping up with laundry.

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