From the different forms of spotted fevers to Lyme disease, ticks are known for being parasitic disease carriers. According to the CDC, in 2010 alone, there were at least 22,500 cases of Lyme disease and another 7,500 suspected cases. The only way to guarantee you don’t get bitten by a tick is to stay inside and keep pets inside. That’s hard to do.

If your parents have gardens or like to walk in the woods or in natural areas, tick bites are possible. Ticks are active year-round in some areas. This makes it hard to avoid them. Here are six things you can do to lower the risk of getting bitten.


Wear Tick Repellent Clothing

Elder Care Hazlet, NJ: Keeping Ticks Away

Elder Care Hazlet, NJ: Keeping Ticks Away

Clothing that is treated with a tick repellent can help prevent bites. These clothes contain a repellent that you can’t see or smell. That repellent lasts up to 70 times in the wash.

If your parents can’t afford tick repellent clothing, make your own. Take the clothing they plan to wear outside and spray with an insect repellent that contains DEET or Permethrin. When you’ve thoroughly coated it, have them put the clothing on.


Wear Light Colors

Ticks are easier to spot if you wear light colors. If your mom and dad plan to be outside where ticks live, have them wear white or pale colors. Tuck pants into socks to prevent ticks from climbing up under the pants. Tuck in shirts, too.


Keep Lawns Mowed

Don’t let the grass in the yard get too long. Mow the lawn regularly and use a string trimmer to remove grass that may grow up around tree trunks, housing foundations, and deck posts.


Check Clothes and Skin When Coming Back Inside

After being outside in a field or woods, thoroughly check your parents’ clothing for ticks. Have them strip down and put clothes in the wash and take a shower. Check areas like the armpits, behind ears, back of the neck, and inner thigh creases for ticks. They tend to head for folds of skin.


Check Pets Before They Come Inside

If your parents have pets, make sure they are treated with a tick treatment. Use a flea comb to check them for ticks before they enter the home.


Avoid Areas Where Ticks Live

Have your parents stay away from areas ticks are known to live. This includes fields and dense forests. Groomed paths that are free of tall grass are better for walking. Caregivers can help you track your parents’ time outside.


With elder care aides available to check your parents over when they’re done gardening or going for a walk, you don’t have to try to keep your parents inside when you’re at work. Call an elder care agency to find out how much caregivers cost.


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