We are often asked “What makes Lares Home Care different from other home care agencies?”

“Lots of things!” we want to shout —  but for now, we’d like to elaborate on one service we offer that people may not be aware of: overseeing your residential services and providing assistance with additional care services when necessary.

Lares Home Care can act as your personal concierge when it comes to your home. Need a landscaper or a pool guy? We can recommend one. Looking for a cleaning person? We can refer a few. Perhaps you need a handyman to clean the gutters or hang a few pictures, but don’t want to pick a stranger out of the phonebook or off the Internet? We can help.

We can provide an array of home services through a carefully screened and vetted network of businesses. Not only can we offer referrals for services, we will help you plan and schedule the work you need done.

We also offer referrals to additional services related to care. We often field inquiries regarding the process and details of finding the right living community for their loved ones. We will pair you with a consultant who will work with you to navigate the frequently complex process of researching and selecting the right living community.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a consultation or a walk through with one of our specialists. From the fall maintenance to prepare your house for winter weather, to installation of a grab bar in your shower, to other consultations, Lares can simplify the process, freeing up your time and maintaining your peace of mind.