Senior Care Holmdel Township, NJ: Seniors and Emotional Health
Senior Care Holmdel Township, NJ: Seniors and Emotional Health

Depression and other emotional issues are extremely common for older adults, but if you’re not aware that your senior is going through anything you can’t really help her. These signs can help you to see what might be happening. 

Her Home Is a Reflection of How She’s Feeling 

When your senior is doing well and feeling well, her home may have a particular look at feel of its own. When she’s not feeling as well, things like housework can slide. Your elderly family member might start to let papers and mail pile up. Or she might not focus on keeping dishes out of the sink every day. These may seem like little details, but your senior’s exterior environment can be a big reflection of her interior environment. 

Her Physical Appearance Gives You Clues 

But it isn’t just the appearance of your senior’s home that can let you know there’s more going on. There’s also her own physical appearance. If she’s emotionally worn out, she may not be able to physically deal with certain tasks, like showering regularly or caring about what she’s wearing. This doesn’t mean that your senior has to always look perfect. What it means is that if you’re noticing some changes to how she’s looking, there may be more going on. She may need more help. 

So Does Her Social Life 

Your elderly family member’s social life can also tell you a lot. If she’s not spending time with friends and family in the same ways that she was, there might be a reason behind that. She may find that it’s exhausting to be around other people right now or she might have more practical concerns, like being unable to drive any longer. It’s worth digging a little deeper to try to figure out what’s going on. 

What’s Your Senior Eating? 

So often what your senior is eating has a huge impact on her well-being, but it can also serve as a clue. What is it that your aging family member is eating most often right now? If she’s focused on super easy foods, like takeout meals, that may not have all the nutrients she needs, she may be feeling off. It might be a good idea to look at what fresh foods she has on hand, too. If she doesn’t have the energy to cook, she might lean even harder on convenience foods. 

There may be easy ways for you to ensure that your senior has what she needs. Senior care providers can help out with cooking and cleaning tasks, and they can even help with transportation, too. All of this can help your elderly family member to have a safe and healthy environment so that she can explore what she’s feeling and why. 

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