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Is Your Loved One Having a Tough Time Sleeping at Night?

Senior Care Manalapan Township NJ

Your elderly loved one might find sleep difficult for a variety of reasons. Because sleep is so important, it’s a good idea to try to correct the problem sooner ratherSenior-Care-Manalapan-Township than later.


Talk to Her Doctor

When your loved one is having trouble sleeping, one of the best places to start is with her doctor. He can take a look at whether medications could be causing the issue or whether there’s some other potential cause. Once he rules out physical contributors, you can move on to trying other things to help your loved one get some quality sleep.


Try Light Therapy

Using light therapy or sitting in bright sunlight for a few minutes at the start of every day can help your loved one’s brain and body to get back on track with her sleep cycle. There are special lights that your loved one can use that simulate sunlight, which is particularly helpful if she doesn’t enjoy being outside.


Bump up Activity Levels

In some cases, your loved one might not be getting enough activity or exercise in during the day. When that happens, even though she feels tired at night, her body just isn’t ready to sleep. Bumping up her activity level just a little bit can help to change that. Always talk to your loved one’s doctor about the types and duration of activity she should have before you make any changes, though.


Implement Sleep Cues

Sleep cues are those subtle indications that tell your loved one’s brain and body that it’s time to go to sleep. Start turning lights down as you and your loved one are unwinding for the night. Turn down the television or radio so that they’re softer. Set up a night light for your loved one and establish a bedtime routine.


Set up a Routine

A strong bedtime routine involves putting in place a series of activities that ultimately lead your loved one into a successful night of sleep. It might start right after dinner with a time of relaxation before bed where your loved one watches a little television or reads a book. Then perhaps she moves on to changing for bed, washing her face, and brushing her teeth. Gradually she makes her way to the point in the routine where she actually climbs into bed and prepares for sleep. All along, though, her brain is getting the message that it’s time for sleep.

As you start implementing some of these ideas, your loved one may just discover that sleep is easier to come by. If she’s still having trouble, though, try working with her senior care providers to further develop her bedtime routines, sleep cues, and anything else that might help with sleep.


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