Senior Care in Hazlet NJ

As a family caregiver you are going to encounter challenges throughout your care journey. How you handle those challenges will make a tremendous difference Senior-Care-in-Hazlet-NJnot only in how you are able to get through them, but the quality of care that you can give to your aging parent. By focusing on your own reactions and coping through difficult situations you can help your parent to maintain better mental and emotional health, handle their challenges effectively, and maintain higher quality of life as they age in place. One of the most challenging situations that you can face is finding out that your aging loved one is suffering from dementia. Taking the time to cope with your own emotions regarding this diagnosis is essential to being the most effective caregiver you can be for them.

Use these tips to help you cope with your own emotions after your aging parent is diagnosed with dementia:

  • Acknowledge the change. Take some time to acknowledge that your elderly loved one is dealing with a condition that will impact the rest of their life. Allow yourself to accept the fact that this means plans that you had for your future and the future care that you would give your loved one are likely not going to be the same, and that you will need to adjust your visions for the future so that you can give your parent everything that they need. Giving yourself the time to acknowledge this and grieve will put you in a stronger place emotionally so that you are ready to make this change and move forward.
  • Remember that they are still your parent. Dementia is a progressive disease, which means that it will change over time. This does not mean, however, that your parent is immediately going to be unrecognizable to you. They are still your loved one and still the person who you remember from your childhood. You have time to make more memories with them and to keep your relationship strong. Even as their symptoms change and increase, they will still be the parent that you know and love.
  • Start planning for care. Part of the emotional response that occurs when you find out that your aging parent has dementia is likely the worry that you will not be able to handle all of their needs and challenges. You might worry that you will not know what to do or that you will not have it in you to fulfill their needs. Take the time to start planning their care so that you can ease this stress. This is a great time for you to start considering senior care for them. A senior home care services provider can give your loved one personalized care and attention tailored to their specific symptoms, needs, limitations, and challenges so that both your parent and you can feel confident they will have everything they need as they move forward.

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