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Whether your elderly parent is suffering from arthritis, a heart condition, or other chronic health issue, it is important they are taking the right steps to stay healthy. Not only will healthy choices help strengthen their immune system, but it will also help reduce the severity of their pain or other symptoms.

As important as getting an adequate amount of sleep and exercise are, nothing compares to how good they will feel if they are eating and drinking nutritious foods and beverages. According to the National Council on Aging, poor nutrition is a common occurrence among elders with chronic conditions. A healthy diet may be something your loved one struggles with alone. Consider having a family member or professional caregivers help the elder make good choices for their body, as well as reminding them when to take their medication in order to reduce the frequency of their symptoms.

Tips to Stay Healthy with a Chronic Condition

  • Alert the doctor of any nutrition problems. Some older adults may have no interest in food, especially the ones that are good for them. This could lead to malnutrition, so it is important their doctor be informed of the problems your loved one is having with their diet. Other symptoms that they are not eating enough is if they are having trouble swallowing or chewing, they take several medications, or they have unusual weight loss.
  • Schedule an appointment with a dietician. Dieticians can provide the senior with a comprehensive nutrition assessment. This assessment will record any diseases that are in the elder’s family history, their own medical history, and noticeable physical symptoms of nutrition problems.
  • Request a nutrition care plan. Once the comprehensive nutrition assessment is complete, ask the dietician for a nutrition care plan. It will give the elder and their caregiver tips on how to improve their weight and prevent nutrition-related health problems.
  • Think about therapeutic nutrition. Therapeutic nutrition can be recommended by either a physician or dietician. The plan lets the elder know what nutrients they will need, what foods to get these nutrients from, and how much they will need to eat to keep themselves healthy. This form of nutrition can’t prevent chronic health problems, but can reduce the chances of complications or hospital visits.

Chronic health problems may require that the elder completely transform their way of life. But by following these tips, your loved one will be able to live a healthier life.

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