Senior Care in Keyport NJ: 5 Tips for Healthy Skin

Senior Care in Keyport NJ: 5 Tips for Healthy Skin

It’s no surprise that the body changes as it ages, from bones and teeth to organs and more. The skin changes with age as well, going from supple and smooth to thin and dry. It’s very important for the elderly to take good care of their skin, because they are at a higher risk for more serious skin problems than other age groups. Family caregivers need to include a quality skin care regimen specifically for their elderly loved one.

All About Aging Skin
An elderly person’s skin is not as elastic or smooth as it used to be. It’s common for their skin to feel more dry than usual. Years of sun and weather means wrinkles, spots, extra dryness and sometimes even skin cancer. Other activities like smoking can have an effect on the skin as well.

A senior’s skin also doesn’t heal as fast as it once did, so it can take longer for cuts, scratches and bruises to go away. Even dry and cracked skin can open the door to infection in seniors. Seniors are also more likely to develop skin conditions when they suffer with certain conditions like kidney disease or diabetes.

5 Tips For Healthy Skin in Seniors
Family caregivers can work with their elderly loved ones to follow these 5 tips on getting their skin in better shape and staying healthy. They can also work with home care aides to ensure that these skin-friendly tips are being implemented into the senior’s daily routine.

1. Use light moisturizers. To get rid of dry and itchy skin, seniors can apply a light moisturizer to replenish what is lost daily. Avoid lotions that have perfume or lots of artificial dyes in them for maximum comfort.
2. Drink plenty of water. It’s no secret that those who stay well hydrated have healthier skin. Seniors may find it easier to have a water bottle with them so they can drink throughout the day.
3. Modify baths and showers. Seniors should only take warm baths, not hot, because very hot water can promote dryness. Also, they should not shower every day to give their skin a chance to retain moisture.
4. Always use sunblock. While this is good advice for any age, seniors are especially sensitive to the sun. Even if it isn’t hot outside, just a little bit of the ultraviolet rays can really affect the skin. Applying a moisturizer with sunscreen can get two skincare tasks done at once.
5. Watch for skin growths and abnormalities. From simple dermatitis to infections to cancer, skin conditions need to be treated by a doctor. Family members and home care aides that help seniors with hygiene and grooming should be on the lookout for changes in the skin.

Healthier skin in seniors means that they are better able to resist infections as well as recover better from injuries, wounds and surgeries. With the help of a home care agency, family members can draw up a plan to ensure that their elderly loved one feels comfortable and continues to enjoy good skin health.

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