Home care is not just for seniors. Most people skim right over an ad for a home care company thinking it’s something they’ll look into for their parents someday, or even for themselves but not until they’re much older. But contrary to popular belief, given the right circumstances, anyone could find themselves needing a hand following surgery, an illness or some another medical treatment or event.

Respite care is becoming an ever more important, and in some cases essential, aspect of medical treatment. We like the phrase “a hand when you need one,” and we feel that essentially sums up our approach.

Here’s an example of how this can work. You’ve just had unexpected surgery, which went well, and are now being discharged from the hospital. You live alone, so a family member has brought you home and made sure you have fresh bread in the house and the milk in fridge hasn’t turned. And after a surprisingly short time you realize that while you can heat yourself a can of soup there is no way you can do that load of laundry, do much straightening up, or least of all drive yourself to your follow-up visit with the doctor.

If asking for help from friends or family is not an option, call us. Lares Home Care will be there for you. Our companions can fix your meals and handle the daily chores, and if necessary, drive you where you need to go. For a few days, a few weeks or on an on-going basis, there is no need to strain relationships or lose your independence. At Lares Home Care, we strive to provide that assistance when you need it — either for your loved ones who have diminished ability to do things for themselves, or for you if you find yourself in a bind.