What’s more important than making sure your loved one is well cared for as they age, especially if he or she is at home? Knowing that a parent or a spouse is safe and has his or her needs provided is priceless when you aren’t available. Lares knows you need to have time outside of the home, yet, the choice has been made to allow your loved one to live an independent life in their own home. We can help through a few different levels of care, with care providers who are skilled and have thorough background checks completed. The care is provided with the understanding that each person still needs human interaction, no matter where they are at in their life.

One level of care offered from Lares Home Care involves companionship and caregiver services. This level of care includes opportunities for mental stimulation and physical activity to help maintain the client’s alertness and coordination. Studies have shown that human interaction, playing problem solving games, and doing puzzles will help keep the aging mind sharper than without stimulation.

Another level of care from Lares Home Care is for clients who need a more help with personal care. Our caregivers can help with bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, and other services that will help your loved one stay at home while maintaining their physical health and hygiene. This level of care also involves home care tasks (any washing or cleaning chores) that a client cannot perform themselves.

Maintaining a lifestyle at home doesn’t have to be impossible throughout the later years in life. Lares Home Care is here to help clients who want to maintain their independent lifestyles. We strive to care for our clients in a way you would yourself. However, there are times when our clients move beyond the care we can provide at home. When that becomes the case, we would be happy to share referrals to help you find a facility where your loved one will be comfortable while receiving the care they need.