Independent living for aging adults can often mean a mundane life. As an independent living aide, you can choose to keep life as it is, or help improve the quality of life for your charge. Getting your client moving and enjoying life can increase their ability for independent living and their quality of life.

Providing activities they already enjoy and finding opportunities for them to participate in those activities will help them enjoy the day to day. Learn about their likes and dislikes. One common thread among all people is music. If your client likes singing, see if they’ll go to karaoke or bring a machine in and sing together. Play music throughout your different activities if they enjoy listening. If they play an instrument, rent that instrument and see if they’ll play for you. As an independent living aide, they are often at your mercy for activities. Music has a great power to awaken the earlier years, even in patients with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. It can help improve moods, and it can help clients get moving.

Physical activity is an excellent way to keep joints moving well, and to exercise underused muscles. Our bodies don’t do well with sedentary life. Injuries, accidents, and falls can happen when our muscles are unused and unpracticed. Finding ways to get your client moving may include turning on music and dancing. This may include dancing where they sit. It may also include assisted moving if they are in a wheelchair. Maybe all they need is you to drive them to dance classes for a style of dance they’ve always wanted to learn.

Help your client enjoy the small things in life through music and movement. You may learn a few things from them, and you may see a whole new side of them that can improve their independent living.