Increasing the quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s through common activities and consistency can be possible with these few relatively easy tips.

Common activities may or may not be an easy thing to start with someone who has Alzheimer’s, but if you’re a companion who knows the family and can find out the patient’s hobbies before the onset of symptoms or even from childhood, it can be helpful to have the patient to return to habits formed early on in life. This can offer an entry point to engage with the patient, even if there is little or no communication. Simply taking time to complete a puzzle or do woodworking or something else that is second nature. Having patience will also help to reduce the stress of moments when confusion sets in. Companionship throughout the duration of this disease can help improve the quality of life.

Consistency in schedule as a caregiver can offer a great deal of stability for someone suffering with Alzheimer’s. Because so many things in the mind of the patient are happening, it’s important to offer them consistency. If you visit daily or only a few times a week, you may come up with a plan for when you are there. Tell the patient who you are, check in to see if they have any needs or if it’s time for something on their schedule, watch a particular show or participate in an activity they enjoy. Using that consistency, they can start to feel a sense of stability in your companionship that will lead to benefiting both them and you.

Familiarity and stability will help both you and your patient and over time you will see the good come from it.