Home is the best and most familiar place for people to be as they age. Finding the best fit for your loved one can be challenging, but there are some options beyond putting them in a nursing home. It is comfortable, has their personal belongings and they have all the memories from their time living there. Quality of life is important at anytime of life, but if medical or health issues crowd in, limiting mobility or cognition, having what is normal and familiar can help stabilize the client’s well being. Being at home can also mean your loved ones need supervision depending on health and safety concerns.

For some adults, as they age, having in home health care services is the only way to go. Any time spent in a hospital or rehabilitation facility is only when medically necessary. Thankfully, there are home health care services with quality in home support services and residential care for your aging or low mobility loved ones. Working with an agency to help with caretaking can help alleviate your workload and give you the option to step away if you are a direct caregiver for your loved one.

Lares Home Care is a New Jersey’s Top Rated Local® home health care, ready to help care for your loved one. We provide a range of services from caregivers coming and participating in recreational activities or taking clients for walks to personal care. Our caregivers can also help with light housework to help keep things in order. Contact us at Lares Home Care to get home health care services set up for your family member.