Home Care Marlboro Towns, NJ: Is There a Right Way to Get a Senior Up from a Fall? 

One out of every four older adults falls each year. That means they must also somehow get up after falling. However, sometimes that’s more easily said than done. After all, weakness and balance issues are often the cause of falls. While the best course of action is always to try to prevent falls, in case of a fall, it’s useful for older adults and their family caregivers to know the right way to get up again.  

Check for Injuries First 

Before even attempting to help your aging relative to get up, it’s important to determine first whether they have any injuries that could make leaving them in place while waiting for medical assistance safer. The older adult should only try to get up if they feel strong enough to do so. If they feel dizzy or have sustained a serious injury, leave them in place and call 911. Keep them warm and try to make them comfortable while waiting for help.  

Instruct the Senior to Call for Help 

Talk to your older family member about calling someone in the event of a fall. Even if they can get up on their own, it may be a good idea for a family caregiver or neighbor to check on them to ensure they aren’t hurt. Keep a list of contact numbers near the phone for the senior to call, or program numbers into their smartphone. You may also want to consider getting an alert system that lets the older adult call for help by pressing a button on a necklace or bracelet. 

Take These Steps to Get Up Safely 

Getting up from a fall is basically a three-step process. The steps are as follows: 

  1. Prepare: The senior should look around the room for a sturdy piece of furniture or the bottom of a staircase. They should not attempt to stand up without using something to brace themselves on. Then, the senior should roll to their side. To do so, they must first turn their head in the direction they want to go, then roll the shoulder, the arm, the hips, and, last, the leg.  
  1. Get Up: Using the arms, the senior should push their upper body off the floor, then wait a moment until they feel steady. Next, get to the hands and knees and crawl toward the piece of furniture. Then, place both hands flat on the piece of furniture and slide one leg forward so that the foot is flat on the floor. The other leg remains bent with the knee on the floor. 
  1. Sit: The final step is to slowly rise up off the floor and turn to sit in the chair. The senior should remain sitting until they feel steady and are certain they are not hurt or dizzy.  

Home care providers can assist with both fall prevention and getting up after a fall. Home care providers are experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the best ways to help seniors. They can make changes in the home to prevent a fall, such as removing clutter and rearranging cords that could cause tripping. In addition, should a senior fall, a home care provider can call for medical attention or help the older adult to get up safely. 

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