Caregiver Old Bridge Township, NJ: Lower Prescription Costs

According to a survey conducted by AARP, about 28 percent of adults don’t take their prescription medications according to the doctor’s because they hope to reduce their costs. They do things like delaying filling a prescription, taking a lower dosage, and even skipping doses. The high cost of prescriptions can be a real problem for older adults who are on limited incomes. However, there are ways caregivers can help their aging relatives to reduce prescription costs so they can take the medications they need in the way the doctor intended. Below are some ideas for ways seniors can lower the amount they pay for prescriptions.

Know What Insurance Covers

Certain medications may not be covered by the senior’s insurance plan. Knowing what is covered and what is not can prevent the older adult from experiencing a shock when they pick up a new prescription. If a drug the doctor suggests isn’t covered, caregivers should ask if there are alternatives that are covered or if there are programs that can help to pay for the drug.

Use a Generic Drug

Generic drugs are generally cheaper than name brand ones. If the doctor prescribes a name brand drug, ask the pharmacist if there is a generic available. Generic drugs work in the same way as the name brand drugs and are available for most drugs that have been available for a while.

Shop Around

Just like with other products, one pharmacy may charge more for a medication than another one. Caregivers may want to shop around to find the pharmacy that charges the lowest price. However, if you do choose to have the senior’s prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy, it is important to bring a complete list of all medications the older adult uses to each pharmacy to ensure drugs will not interact with each other.

Check Out Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs

Some drug companies have assistance programs for those who are having difficulty paying for their prescriptions. Check online for assistance programs. You may also be able to find manufacturer coupons that will save the senior some money.

Ask for a Smaller Prescription on New Drugs

When your aging relative starts a new medication, ask the doctor if they can write the prescription for a smaller amount to start with. This allows the older adult to try the medication and find out if it is right for them before they pay for a larger quantity.

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