Senior Care in Marlboro Township NJ

Age brings a number of changes, some of which your elderly parent is prepared for and others that take there emotional toll. They have become “empty nesters”—Senior-Care-in-Marlboro-Township-NJa role they were prepared for but did not really know the emotional consequence of. They’ve left their job and the social structure it provided. Retirement didn’t turn out exactly the way they had intended. Their base of friends has diminished leaving their social network almost non-existent. They are unable to perform all the daily tasks of living, leaving you to help them with the activities that challenge them.

You have taken on the task of assisting them with their daily needs and incorporate some social time in the mix as well. But one person cannot be everything and everybody to another. As the Yoruba proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Your parent grows more childlike as age defines them, and it will take more than you to care for them.

Set up a Phone-in Schedule

Contact friends and family and set up scheduled times for each of them to call your parent. A call once a day from those they care about can go a long way in helping your parent feel connected and engaged. If the person they love lives far away, consider setting up a video chat. Seeing the caller amplifies the connection.

Making the House a Home

Their home is much quieter than it used to be. Making their home the gathering place for friends and family at least once a month can bring laughter and liveliness to a space that is predominantly quiet. Make it easy on yourself and opt for a different themed potluck each month. This get-together may end up being their anticipated monthly event.

Social Outings

There are a multitude of opportunities for your parent to engage in social activities. Trips to the Senior Community Center offers camaraderie among peers as well as support groups, classes, shared meals, and special outings. Consider trips to the local museums, theatre or a comedy club. Think outside the box and include your loved one in the decision making.

Senior Care Provider

Senior care providers can provide both emotional and physical support. They are the eyes and ears for both you and your parent when you can’t be there. Assisting in the daily activities of life, preparing meals for your loved one and enjoying their company, attending social outings and grocery shopping—they add as much to your loved one’s need for fellowship as they do helping complete the necessary tasks.


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