In the city, you have stores, restaurants, museums, and public parks within walking distance. In a rural community, it can be miles before you reach your nearest neighbor. For senior citizens who live in a rural area, socialization can seem impossible.

If your mom lives in a rural town and doesn’t have neighbors close by, she may struggle with isolation and loneliness. Here are some tips to help her stay social when area parks, neighbors, and businesses are miles away.

Elderly Care in Holmdel Township NJ: Staying Social in a Rural Area

Elderly Care in Holmdel Township NJ: Staying Social in a Rural Area

Where Is Her Closest Neighbor?

You might find that there is another senior citizen close by who is in the same spot as your mom. That person may be looking to socialize, too. Get to know your mom’s neighbors. You can post in a community group, such as Front Porch Forum, to see if other seniors are looking to meet up for socialization.

See What’s Within Walking Distance.

If your mom has a church or community meeting space within walking distance, she’ll have access to community programs. Libraries hold regular book discussion groups and are places where clubs often meet up.

There may be a senior center nearby. Many hold their meetings in churches. Your mom will be able to enjoy a hot lunch with others her age. Senior centers also host dances, art classes, and exercise programs for seniors.

Have Friends and Family Members Stop By.

See if family friends and other family members can drop in on your mom from time to time. She’ll enjoy having a visitor. While there, they can see if she needs help with anything or engage in movies, crafts, or games with her.

Can She Ride a Bike Still?

If your mom can ride a bike or e-bike, she’ll be able to go farther. As long as the weather is good and she’s comfortable on a bike, she could bike a few miles to a store, friend’s house, or community park. This will open the door to going on nature walks, meeting friends for a day at the beach, or going out to lunch with former co-workers. If she still drives, she will be able to travel even farther.

Arrange Elderly Care Services.

In addition to rides, help with housework, and assistance with meals, elderly care services cover companionship. Once a week, every few days, or ever day, your mom can have a caregiver stop by for chats, afternoon tea, or to play games.

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