When you can approach incontinence from a practical standpoint, it becomes less of a problem for you and your senior to manage. Some of these ideas can help you to account for a multitude of different influences that could affect your senior as she goes through her day.

Senior Care in Hazlet NJ: Managing Incontinence

Senior Care in Hazlet NJ: Managing Incontinence

Rethink Her Clothing.

Wearing complicated clothing with a lot of buttons or zippers can make getting to the bathroom quickly much more difficult than it has to be. Talk to your elderly family member about which aspects of her clothing aren’t working well for her and find replacements that make life easier. You might want to find clothing with elastic waistbands that slip on and off quickly.

Leave the Path to the Bathroom Unobstructed.

If the path to the bathroom is a complicated one, that can be a big problem. Take a look at where cumbersome furniture is and what you can rearrange to make getting to the bathroom much easier. Even if you can’t move furniture, you may be able to clear the path in other ways so that your senior can get to the bathroom as fast as possible.

Install Hand Rails Wherever it Makes Sense to Do So.

Hand rails help your elderly family member to stand up when she’s finished using the bathroom, but they also help her to sit down safely, especially when she’s in a hurry. If you can install them in the hallway on the way to the bathroom, they can help her to safely get to the bathroom, too.

Set up a Bathroom Schedule.

One of the best things that you can do is to help prevent a mad dash to the bathroom in the first place. A bathroom schedule really helps with this goal. If your aging family member is going to the bathroom every couple of hours, it can help to reduce any urgency that might sneak up on her with a full bladder.

Work to Get Over any Embarrassment.

Being embarrassed about incontinence doesn’t help you or your elderly family member at all. You may never get to the point where you’re able to shout about it from the rooftops, but being embarrassed only complicates things. Remember that this is just something else your senior is dealing with and treat it like you would any other health issue.

If you and your senior are still running into obstacles involving incontinence, consider hiring senior care providers who can help. They have a lot of experience helping caregivers and aging adults figure this situation out.

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