Home Care in Keyport NJ

In your loved one’s home, clutter can lead to many problems.  On the surface, clutter can look unattractive and messy, but the real problems have to do with it Home-Care-in-Keyport-NJbeing unsafe.  Clutter can cause tripping hazards which can lead to falls.  In addition, it can be a trap for dust, dirt, and allergens which can irritate your loved one’s breathing.  The kitchen is a room that has a tendency to collect clutter, but this can pose many safety risks for your elderly loved one.  A fall in the kitchen could lead to serious injuries and accidental handing of knives and hot surfaces can as well.  For these reasons, it is important for caregivers to take the necessary steps to declutter the kitchen and make it a safe space for you and your loved one to cook and eat in.  Here are some ways you can get started:


Keep Loose Items Off of the Floor

Loose items such as a mat, food items, and more can become tripping hazards on the floor.  If your loved one has a decorative mat in their kitchen, make sure it is non-slip or secured to the floor.  In addition, be sure to store food on shelves or in cupboards or pantries instead of stacking them on the floor.  This can also keep your loved one’s food clean and safe from germs.


Make the Table an Eating Space

Oftentimes, the table can collect everything from junk mail to electronics.  However, these items on the table can lead to germs and dirt getting very close to food and they can also increase the chance that important items will get lost.  Instead, organize mail in a filing cabinet or folder and store it in a different room.  Dedicate another space to store phones and tablets, such as in a basket on an end-table out of the kitchen.


Get Rid of Unneeded Items That Take Up Space

If your loved one’s cupboards and pantries are filled to the brim, set aside time to organize them and get rid of items that they don’t need.  If they have extra dishes or appliances that they rarely use, consider boxing them up and storing them in a storage space.  In addition, be sure to dispose of any food that is spoiled or is past the expiration date.


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