Home Care in Colts Neck NJ

Age brings many changes. The senses may diminish and the joints stiffen. A sense of loss can manifest in those that feel their independence and social circles diminishing. It’s important for those facing an avalanche of change to have, on the other hand, a sense of stability—a routine that soothes a sometimes anxious soul. There are certain areas of life that fit well into routines and can help your loved one find comfort among continuity.

Daily Activities

After you’ve left the workforce, it can be easy to let your daily routines run helter-skelter. With no time demands, people often find themselves sleeping in until 9 one morning and getting up at 6 the next. Here is the first area of life to initiate a schedule. Make breakfast at the same time each day and complete daily hygiene on a routine basis. If you are helping your loved one in this area, you may want to schedule baths or showers every other day with sponge baths scheduled on the off days. Use soap and lotions that are soothing to your parent, a familiar scent that they enjoy.


Social outings are an important part of your aging parent’s life. Scheduling them in so that they become routine gives your parent something to look forward to as well as providing consistency. Consider regular visits to the senior community center for exercise classes or a social event, and a weekly outing to the local art center for a craft or art class. Special events can include phone calls or video chats from loved ones. Scheduling these types of connections once a week gives your parent something they will truly cherish on an ongoing basis.

Home Care Providers

If a home care provider is caring for your parent, it’s important that both of you are aware of the schedule. Sit down to discuss and document the particulars. What time do you both go for a daily walk with your parent? Document meal times and menus such as taco Tuesday and salmon Saturday. Do you enjoy a daily card game and, if so, what time? Is there a certain time of day you garden? Once you start planning, you will realize that a schedule that promotes routine can benefit not only your parent, but you, as a family caregiver, as well. It provides a draft of your daily activities so that little gets left out and more gets included.

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