Home Care in Marlboro Township NJ: Helping Seniors Navigate the World Through Computers

Most everyone today has a cell phone and access to a computer; whether a laptop or desktop, or other variety.  With the internet, possibilities are endless in terms of resources.  These could include social groups, online games, and even ways to order home care and health supplies to have them delivered to your doorstep for seniors.

So it is likely that seniors, today, will find it useful to have a computer themselves.   What considerations will most seniors have regarding having a computer?

There will likely be the simple aspects to begin with. These include:

  • Having an internet connection.  Most cities and towns have some way to obtain internet.  It might be through your cable or phone company
  • Having power to charge the battery.  This is usually simple electricity
  • A place in the home where the computer can rest, charge, and/or be used
  • The computer itself

With so many options today for computers, how can a senior get the one that will work best for him or her?  It starts with the basics. What does the senior need to have a good experience with the computer?

  • A good sized screen
  • Simple to use with keyboard or even touch-screen options
  • Does the senior need software to do anything specific such as a word program
  • What is the senior’s budget for a  computer

So the next question the senior may want to ask is what does he or she want to do with the computer?

  • Will it primarily be for socializing such as on groups or Facebook?
  • Will it be to play online games such as bingo or brain games?

Or will it be used for more?  Today, anyone can do things like have an online store through, for instance, eBay, find recipes, or write eBooks. With the internet, so much is possible!

Even if a senior purchases a fairly simple computer for home care or basic purposes, they still might need assistance getting it up and going.  And maybe even some tips on how to navigate the device such as to increase or decrease the font sizes and use some of the features like the speakers.  In addition, the senior might want assistance setting up externals like a mouse or separate keyboard.

Helping a grandparent or parent get started using a computer could be a great bonding experience for everyone.  Also, there are classes at recreation centers and even some computer stores which could help with getting a senior familiar with and benefit from using a computer.

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