Agreeing to be your senior’s caregiver is a big responsibility. It helps to know a bit more about what you’re getting into with that decision.


You’re Going to Be Tired and Need a Break

Home Care Old Bridge Town NJ: Caregiver Truths

Home Care Old Bridge Town NJ: Caregiver Truths

Lots of times caregivers feel as if they should be able to just power through and keep going, no matter what. But you’re a human being, first, and how often have you done anything without any sort of break? Caregiving is tough and you’re going to need to allow yourself to physically recharge. This is even more true if your elderly family member has mobility problems that require you to help her to maneuver.

You’re Going to Experience Other Types of Tired, Too
But it’s not just physical exhaustion you need to worry about. You’re going to need to worry about mental and emotional tiredness. You’re pouring a lot of your heart and soul into being a caregiver and that’s going to cost you at times. You need to take respite care now and again and that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Home care providers have lots of experience with being there for caregivers and their aging adults.

Pressure Is Going to Come from All Sides
Being a caregiver is full of pressure and demands. There’s the administrative stuff that you’re probably handling for your senior, like bills and insurance companies, but there are other pressures, too. You worry about her health and her safety and you want her to do well. All of that means that she needs to do certain things and hit certain milestones. If that doesn’t happen, you feel like a failure, or frustrated, and those feelings add up. You need to be able to relieve that pressure in a productive way.

Time Management Is Going to Be a Challenge
Before you became a caregiver, you might have managed your schedule like a boss. But that’s a lot different once you’re deep into caregiving. There’s a lot less free time, for one thing, and then there’s the fact that unexpected emergencies are going to crop up from time to time. Your other obligations are going to need to shift a bit in your schedule so that you can accommodate everything.

Let other people help you with caregiving tasks as well as with whatever helps you to take better care of yourself. Respite time help from family and friends, and simply knowing when to take a step back are all going to be extremely helpful for you.

Excerpt: Being a caregiver is both the easiest and the most difficult thing you’ll ever do.


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