Home Care in Keyport, NJ: Aging in Place
Home Care in Keyport, NJ: Aging in Place

If your elderly family member has made it clear to you that she wants to age in place, you may want to look at some of the types of help that she may need in order to do so. This is going to help you to put together a plan. 

Having Someone Else Do the Driving 

When driving becomes difficult or unsafe for your elderly family member, it’s important that she has other options. Having someone else taking over the driving for her allows your senior to continue living in her own home and also continue to go where she wants to go. Having someone else doing the driving can still be a big adjustment, however. 

Help Maintaining the Exterior of Her Home 

Maintaining her yard and the exterior of her home properly is about aesthetics, but it’s also about safety. Your senior may need some extra help ensuring that her yard is mowed regularly and that any maintenance issues are handled. Outsourcing that can be incredibly important for her and yet also difficult if she’s been used to handling those things herself. 

Household Chore Assistance 

As with other areas of her home, your senior may find that regular household chores take longer to complete or are more difficult or exhausting now than they used to be. Handing those over to someone else can be helpful because then she’s able to spend that time and energy doing other tasks that are more important for her to personally handle on her own. 

Cooking and Meal Prep Assistance 

If your elderly family member is finding it difficult or complicated to keep up with eating healthy meals, she’s more likely to opt for fast meals that may not be what she needs, nutritionally speaking. Having someone like home care providers coming in to help with cooking and other aspects of preparing meals can be truly life-changing for her. She may find that it’s beneficial on multiple levels to have someone taking over those tasks for her. 

Help with Personal Care Tasks 

It’s embarrassing for some older adults to admit, but personal care tasks, like bathing, get a lot more complicated with age, too. If your elderly family member is determined to age in place, though, having help with these tasks can be a way for her to be able to commit to that choice.  

There’s a lot to consider if your elderly family member is determined to remain right where she is. Help her to get the support she needs. 

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