It’s hard enough for parents to bond with their teen. It’s often harder for a grandfather to bond with his teenage grandchild. The age

Elderly Care in Freehold Township NJ: Bonding with Teenage Grandchildren

gap can make it incredibly hard to find common ground. Here are five activities that can help your dad bond with your teenager.

Pull Out Old Family Photos.

One of the best ways for your son or daughter to bond with your father is by letting them see all of your embarrassing family photos. Teenagers who are indifferent to a grandparent love hearing about the trouble their own parents got into. If your dad has any photos of you in embarrassing situations, your teen is likely to get very involved in asking for stories, laughing at your photos, and learning that you were a handful too.

Go to the Movies.

A night out at the movies is a fun family event. Pick a movie your teen wants to see that you know your dad will also enjoy. Stock up on snacks and drinks and enjoy a night out. After the movie, your teen and dad have plenty to talk about as they recap favorite scenes and their opinion of the movie itself.

Hit the Beach.

Teens always have plenty to do at the beach. There’s surfing, swimming, and beach volleyball to keep them busy. If those activities aren’t appealing, many beaches have boardwalks lined with shops, restaurants, and arcades. Your dad and your teen can stroll the boardwalk or head straight to the water to spend time together.

Go Shopping.

This is especially helpful if you’re trying to help strengthen the bond between a grandfather and granddaughter. Many teen girls love to shop. Have your daughter take your dad shopping for a new outfit. Have her show him the latest styles and see if they can find an outfit they both approve of. End the day with lunch or dinner out.

Play Games Together.

Many teens love video games. Seniors can benefit from some time spent playing games on a console too. It helps with reaction times and hand-eye coordination. Find games that appeal to both age groups, such as some of the guitar-playing games or things like bowling or car racing.

As your teen bonds with his grandfather, you’ll find that some of your dad’s companionship needs are soon addressed. There may still be gaps. Talk to an elderly care agency to discuss the benefits of home care. One of the biggest benefits to home care is that your dad will have a companion when family members can’t be around. Call an elderly care agency today to find out more.

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