Elderly Care in Hazlet NJ

Headaches happen to everyone at one time or another. It could be triggered by stress, dehydration, hunger, being tired, or having a cold. The pain of a headache Elderly-Care-in-Hazlet-NJcan be minor or severe enough to make going about one’s day very difficult. The good news is that headaches happen less in older adults than it does in any other age group. The bad news is that it can be the symptom of an underlying, more serious medical condition that may require immediate medical attention.

If your loved one’s small headache turns into a full blown migraine, elderly care may be needed to remind them to take their medication or provide help around the house while the senior rests. If your aging parent is suffering from a migraine, here are some of the most common reasons and what you or their caregivers can do to help.

  • Dehydration: Older adults are unable to preserve water as long as they were able to in their younger days, making dehydration a common cause of headaches. These types of headaches occur when the balance of electrolytes and blood flow is shifted. The best way to combat dehydration by having your loved one at least 4 or 5 cups of water per day. Elders may not recognize that they are thirsty, so it is important someone is with them to remind your loved one to drink up throughout the day.
  • COPD: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD, is a combination of chronic obstructive bronchitis and emphysema. COPD is especially common among people who are currently or have been smokers due to lung damage. A lack of oxygen with this disease is the reason one of the symptoms is a headache. These types of headaches may be worse early in the morning, but gradually get better throughout the day. Your loved one could have lung disease as a result of smoking throughout their life, so take them to the doctor to find out what treatment options are available.
  • Anxiety or depression: Psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression, can mean more than just a change in behavior. Headaches can occur from these types of psychological disorders, last for extended periods of time, and often do not respond well to painkillers. If you suspect your aging parent is suffering from anxiety or depression, talk to their doctor to determine whether their symptoms match these disorders and what can be done to help your loved one rid themselves of them.
  • Arthritis: Joint pain from arthritis could put pressure on a nerve, sending that pain directly up the spine and to the connected nerves that surround the brain. As a result, the elder will end up suffering from painful headaches along with the pain of their inflamed joints. If arthritis is the cause of the headache, having the elder’s doctor treat their condition should rid them of their headaches.

Headaches can be extremely painful, but before having your loved one head for over-the-counter medication, consider these conditions and if one of them could be the reason behind their migraines.

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