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How to Keep Mentally Fit

When it comes to getting older, staying mentally fit is just as important as staying physically fit. That’s because there is evidence that the more you keep your brain active, the less chance you’ll have of developing issues such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. If you are a senior or are someone caring for a senior,…

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Stroke Recovery Steps Include Options for Home Care

Stokes affect millions of Americans each year. More than 800,000 strokes are reported in the US each year; they are the leading cause of long-term disability and the third leading cause of death, according to the National Institutes of Health. Nearly ¾ of all strokes occur in people aged 65 and over, and the risk…

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Simply the Blues or Something More?

Recognizing and Fighting Depression in Seniors In the oft quoted words of Kenny Wayne Shepherd: “Everyone gets the blues.” Temporary feelings of sadness, commonly referred to as “the blues,” usually last only a day or two, and are not a cause for concern. But when a loved one seems stuck in the same sad mood…

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Respite Care: A Hand When You Need It

Home care is not just for seniors. Most people skim right over an ad for a home care company thinking it’s something they’ll look into for their parents someday, or even for themselves but not until they’re much older. But contrary to popular belief, given the right circumstances, anyone could find themselves needing a hand…

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Active Seniors May Still Need Assistance

Summer’s here, and while the season is usually associated with kicking back and relaxing, as a rule it is actually the season we are the most active. There is more to do, and more to be done, and the weather amplifies the effort required, especially for seniors who often have difficulty regulating their body temperature.…

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Keep your Loved One at Home with Home Health Care Services

Home is the best and most familiar place for people to be as they age. Finding the best fit for your loved one can be challenging, but there are some options beyond putting them in a nursing home. It is comfortable, has their personal belongings and they have all the memories from their time living…

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Baby Boomers And Home Health Care

The current healthcare system in the United States is in extremely poor condition. With baby boomers retiring it will be depleted in no time. The need for Lares Home health care service is more important than ever before. The wave of aging Baby Boomers will reshape the healthcare system forever. There will be more people enjoying…

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Advantages Of Working With A Home Care Agency

After deciding that Lares Home Care service is right for you family members begin to weigh their options of hiring a professional agency or contract directly with a home health aide or nurse. However, it is important to be aware of the following benefits of working with a home care agency versus the risk of a…

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