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When a loved one with dementia suddenly begins using words that you’ve never heard from her before, you might become so shocked that you don’t even want toCaregiver-in-Old-Bridge-Township-NJ be in the same room. As her caregiver, however, that may not be an option. You may have to overlook some of her words in order to figure out what she needs or wants in that moment.

Why Your Loved One Might Be Swearing

Because Alzheimer’s and dementia affect your loved one’s brain, sometimes different parts of the brain are affected. Some people might have trouble finding the right words to describe what they need and want while others may start to use words they’ve never used before, such as swear words. This can be uncomfortable for friends and family who aren’t sure what to do about the situation.

Try to Determine Triggers

In many cases, there may be a specific trigger that causes your loved one to start swearing. This could be a specific situation or a specific need that results in her using those particular words. Try to spot a pattern between the situations in which the swearing pops up and what eventually helps your loved one to become calmer. You may not be able to spot one particular trigger, however, which can make the situation more complicated.

Stay Calm

If you’re not used to hearing this kind of language, it can be very upsetting for you. The first thing to remember, though, is that your loved one isn’t choosing to use this language now. It’s a result of her illness and she doesn’t have as much control over her swearing as it may appear that she does. Try to remain calm about the situation and take a deep breath before taking any action.

Roll with the Language or Determine Another Reaction

Staying calm helps your loved one to stay calm. From there, you may choose to simply ignore the language that your loved one is using and keep in mind that it’s just words. Often your loved one will stop once you find a solution for the triggering event in the first place. If that’s not possible, you can do things such as take a break from the situation or let your loved one know that you don’t appreciate the words that she’s using. If she’s in more advanced stages of dementia, keep in mind that asking her to watch her words may not help at all.

Find a Subtle Explanation for When You’re in Public

When you’re out in public, it’s possible that your loved one may surprise you by saying some things that aren’t appropriate. Try letting people around you know that your loved one has dementia and that she’s not aware of what she’s saying. Chances are very good that the others around you have experienced something similar with their own loved ones and they’re not as shocked or upset as you might think.

Dealing with a loved one who is suddenly swearing can be complicated but you can get through it.


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