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No family agrees with each other all the time about every issue, but those types of conflicts can become more heated when the topic is your elderly loved one’s health. Getting through those conflicts together can make your family stronger and help you to be a better caregiver to your elderly loved one.

Meet Regularly to Update Each Other

If any of your other family members feel that they’re deliberately being left out of the loop, that’s likely to create sore feelings and uncooperative attitudes. One of the best ways to avoid that problem is to meet regularly with your other family members. If you can’t meet in person, use other methods, such as conference calls, video conferencing, or even group emails.

Talk Openly and Honestly

The key to these meetings is to allow everyone to talk openly and honestly about your elderly loved one’s health and current care plan. Some family members may only want to be updated, while others may want to be part of the decision-making process. Allowing everyone to have a say in the process can help to ease any tensions that might crop up.

Do What You Can to Share Responsibilities

Some family caregivers are hesitant to try to ask their other family members for extra help because they don’t want to appear that they don’t have the situation under control. You could also fear that your elderly loved one just won’t fare as well with anyone but you caring for her. The problem is that you run the risk of wearing yourself out that way.

Take Care of Yourself

If you’re not taking care of yourself first, you won’t be any good to your elderly loved one at all. Your other family members are likely to be far more willing to help than you believe, especially if you’re keeping them well-informed. Even if they’re not able to help in concrete ways, you can enlist the help of senior care providers who can ensure that you’ve got time to yourself.

Once you have a plan in place that helps to keep everyone on the same page, stick with it so you can hold onto the positive results.

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