Health scares are not something that you want your senior to have to face, but it’s always good to hear from her doctor that she can recover given time and adherence to a recovery plan. Following those plans can feel more difficult for her than she expects, though.

She Needs a Goal

Senior Care Hazlet, NJ: Rebounding After a Health Scare

Senior Care Hazlet, NJ: Rebounding After a Health Scare

Once your elderly family member is officially on the rebound from her health scare, she needs a goal. That goal is going to give her something to focus on while she heals. Start out with a smaller goal that is attainable. Meeting a goal is powerful, especially if it’s one that isn’t too easy or too difficult. Set reasonable goals that give her something to strive toward.

And a Support Team
Having a support team makes a huge difference for your elderly family member. You’re always a part of her support team, of course, but other people might be helpful, too. Depending on what your senior is recovering from, joining an actual support group might be a great idea. She can meet and interact with other people who are going through the same things she’s going through.

Encourage Her to Listen to Her Body
Something that is easy for anyone to forget is that listening to your own body is a crucial part of the healing process. Your elderly family member might be pushing herself too hard, which can push her recovery time back much farther than she would like. By listening to her body, your senior can more easily predict when she’s doing just enough and when she needs to focus on resting.

Recovery Takes Time
Above all it’s important for you and for your senior to remember that recovery does take time. If she’s pushing herself too hard or trying to do too much consistently, that’s going to keep her on the slow track. When she gives herself the time and the space that she needs in order to heal, she’s going to find that it’s a lot easier to hit her goals than she might have expected.

Rebounding after a health scare is likely far more probable than your elderly family member fears that it might be. Encourage her to take her time and to follow her doctor’s instructions. It can also help to have senior care providers available to pick up some of the slack for her and for you. That way she can focus on recovering instead of worrying about other issues.

Excerpt: Health scares might mean that your senior needs some time to recover.


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