Your family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia and you wonder what you can do to help him or her live life to the highest quality possible. While getting medical treatment and keeping up with your family member’s medical health will be beneficial to their well being, making sure they also have companionship will help with their mental well being as well. Here are a few benefits of how making sure your family has companionship will help.

Recreation & Exercise
Recreation offers a chance to have an enjoyable activity to focus on instead of nothing to do. Activities that promote thought and problem solving can help keep the brain sharp. Getting exercise and recreation help with a person’s overall wellness. Exercise helps to get blood flowing through the body and brain. It helps reduce stress, has a positive effect on emotional health and can help with how a person feels about him or herself. Both activities can help, especially for those with companions to join them. Even if the activities are done in silence or individually, having someone will be a comfort.

Keeping an eye on how someone with Alzheimer’s is doing is important. The progression of the disease is different for each individual. There will be good days and bad days with no seeming reason for the change. Having a consistent person to monitor the progression and ups and downs of the symptoms is helpful to monitor and see if there are any patterns or digression in their memory and physical abilities.

Contact Lares Home Care for companions for your family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia for care. Our companions are compassionate and caring. They are well trained and ready to help your family member out of the home and participating in life help provide a higher quality of life. Have peace of mind that your family members are well cared for when you can’t be there for them.