After deciding that Lares Home Care service is right for you family members begin to weigh their options of hiring a professional agency or contract directly with a home health aide or nurse. However, it is important to be aware of the following benefits of working with a home care agency versus the risk of a direct hire:

  • Employer Obligations
    • By hiring a caregiver directly it is the family’s responsibility to act as their employer. This includes paying for payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, and liability. If the employee gets hurt during their time providing care or during  a commute to or from the individual’s home it is you that is legally and financially responsible.
  • Peace Of Mind
    • Unless the you do a criminal background check at your own expense, the family does not really know who is providing care in their home. Home care agencies are required to conduct thorough criminal background checks that provide more comprehensive data than available to the public prior to any home care agency employee stepping foot into a client’s home.
  • Security and Contingency
    • If your direct hire harms or steals from you, it is still the family that is liable. However, home care agencies are required to maintain various insurances to protect their clients and are required by law to promptly investigate all complaints of abuse or theft. Furthermore, home care agencies can provide a replacement without disruption of service if the home care agency employee gets sick, injured, or changes jobs.
  • Ongoing Training and Supervision
    • If you hire directly, it is your responsibility to ensure continuous training and supervision. In contrast, home care agencies have the experience, knowledge, training, resources, and licensure to ensure that their employees are thoroughly trained in all services performed.