Summer’s here, and while the season is usually associated with kicking back and relaxing, as a rule it is actually the season we are the most active. There is more to do, and more to be done, and the weather amplifies the effort required, especially for seniors who often have difficulty regulating their body temperature.
More seniors are active these days than in the past, and summer sports can be especially rewarding. Just be certain to plan according to your capabilities, and be aware of how the heat and humidity can affect not only your performance but your post-workout recovery. If you love tennis, schedule your set for an early morning or early evening to avoid the heat of the day. Swimming, often touted as the perfect workout, is highly encouraged for seniors — it provides a full-body workout with minimal joint stress and little risk of falling. But as with most things, swimming also has some hazards to take into consideration, particularly if you frequent the beach. Sand can make footing treacherous and waves and shifting currents can make even a seasoned swimmer tire quickly.
As fun and important as summer sports can be, there are also the physical chores that warm weather brings. Grass needs to be mowed, flowers planted and tended, vegetables to be gardened — and that’s once the air conditioners are put in and the outdoor furniture is scrubbed and set out. But don’t let the workload overwhelm you! Everyone has a limited amount of time and energy, and seniors more so than most.
Our advice? Budget your time and your energy. Save your physical and mental resources for the things you want to do — like the family picnic, an afternoon at the beach, your grandchild’s graduation — instead of exhausting yourself on the drudgery of repetitive yard work and home maintenance. Lares Home Care can help. We can act as your personal concierge to coordinate landscapers, maintenance workers, and more to give you the worry-free time off you deserve. If transportation and physical mobility are holding you back, we can provide companion service to get you where you want to go and assist you once you get there.
No one wants to admit that their stamina has diminished or that they are just not capable of the things that they used to do. But there is no need to waste all your energy on things that must be done, instead of on things you want to do. Not only can we help with the yard and any heavy lifting around the house, Lares companions can also handle the more mundane chores such as laundry and grocery shopping, saving you a trip out into the heat and humidity.
There is no reason not to be as active as you can during your senior years. If your energy is limited, save it for the activities you love. Let Lares help you (or your loved ones) handle the rest.