Making the decision on whether to keep your loved one at home as they age or to have them enter an assisted living facility has too many pros and cons to name only a few and make a decision. While there are some benefits that tip the scales for many families, there many reasons to bring in home health care services for your loved ones who are not able to fully care for themselves.

  1. Loved ones get to live more independently, even if they are physically or mentally limited.
  2. An obvious benefit is a loved one gets to live at home and move around a familiar setting. Nearly every service that is provided by a facility can be provided at home in a comfortable setting.
  3. The non-medical home health care services can offer savings by not having to pay for independent living facilities.
  4. In home support services can be done with aides who are paid independently or through an agency.
  5. Non-medical care in home helps those recovering from illness, injury or surgery to recover better and more quickly than when they convalesce inside of a medical facility.
  6. Adult children of the loved ones have the opportunity to take care of their responsibilities in life, like family, children, work and have time for themselves.

While there are many more than these six benefits, these offer a good start to understanding the benefits at hand for those who are transitioning in life. Contact Lares Home Care for more information about our home health care services and residential care. We take pride in caring for seniors and for helping them to live more independently and at home.