As we age, simple tasks such as cleaning and doing the laundry can become more of a challenge. Lares Homecare is dedicated to taking care of you or your loved one by providing the most personal residential care possible. Our home health aides are here to cover all of your loved one’s needs, no matter how seemingly small and unnecessary. One area that our in-home support services helps with is the changing of sheets and sleep fabrics. Clean linens are much more helpful in retaining health than many people might think!

While changing the linens in your loved one’s bed may seem like a trivial activity, Lares knows the hidden risks behind not doing so. We spend a third of our life in our bed, meaning that your sleeping space will tend to hold a lot of skin cells. We also secrete oil, saliva, and oils as we sleep, creating a perfect location for dust mites. While these little guys are relatively harmless, people with allergies can be at a higher risk for suffering fits. Pillows are also carriers of health issues such as mold. Patients who are sickly or recovering from an illness or surgery will need more intensive linen changing frequencies in order to minimize the chances of infection. Recuperation can be nearly impossible with soiled linens!

If you or a loved one are in need of home health care services, Lares Home Care can assist! Our trained staff excels in a comprehensive set of skills, from feeding to changing linens. No matter the cause or needs of your unique living situation, Lares is here to help!