What We Do

Living at home while aging has its advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage is being able to manage your own care, rather than having to be cared for by providers who are hired by someone else. Being in control of hiring through a home care agency is only one of the advantages. One of the disadvantages is knowing when it is time to hire help for light housework. Sometimes knowing when to ask for help or find a home care agency providing help with housework is hard to decide.

Maintaining a home with light housework takes time and energy to complete the work needed. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets and washing dishes are all chores that are difficult to complete well when mobility and energy are limited. Lares Home Care agency provides non-medical home care for the elderly. We offer services that make living in a clean home possible, even when the cleaning can’t be done by the resident. Contact us and talk to our staff. We can help you make decisions about when to hire help for cleaning and other services provided for elderly home care.

More About Lares Home Care

Our caregivers are well-qualified, licensed and experienced for serving in your loved one’s home. We vet our employees and make sure our clients will be well taken care of, no matter the services scheduled. Our services include companionship, personal care, housing referrals, household repairs and upkeep. Contact our home care agency for any of our non medical home care services.