For many New Jersey residents, the enjoyment of independent living cannot be denied. Elderly residents are often faced with tough choices. For those looking for senior home care, we can help! Lares Homecare was founded to provide solutions with independent living for Matawan residents and beyond. Our team of personal care assistants utilizes the best training and technology to ensure that each and every one of our patients receives a tailored care program that enriches their lives as well as ours. Lares’ senior home care specialists provide a wide host of services, from tooth brushing to doing laundry. If you or a loved one struggles with doing laundry, our independent living aides can assist by doing every and all tasks required. This small task can be very helpful for anyone looking to retain their independence through retirement.

The Importance of Clean Laundry

While many of us take clean clothes for granted, many seniors do not have the mobility to achieve such things on their own. Clean clothes can be very beneficial when traveling in public, where looking well put-together can equate to big confidence gains. People who go into public with soiled, grimy clothes are more likely to receive colder responses from strangers. While this may affect people mentally and emotionally, it’s the hidden elements that can be more troublesome.

When we wear clothes, those fabrics tend to pick up a lot of dirt, grime, and sweat. Outside contaminants can also travel on our wardrobes. Elderly residents especially are prone to bouts of illness, many of which can be attributed to mold and bacteria. The best practice for eliminating these environmental hazards is to simply wash your clothes.

If you or a loved one need assistance in order to retain independent living, contact us at Lares Homecare today!