1. How to Help Seniors Get More Exercise

    If your aging mom or dad is spending a lot of time just sitting around, or they are dealing with illness or injury that limits their mobility, consider getting them involved in an exercise plan. Numerous studies show the benefits of exercise, even for short amounts of time several times per week. Elderly people can especially benefit from the physical and mental boost that exercise brings to the b…Read More

  2. Is Your Senior at Risk for Glaucoma?

    Is Your Senior at Risk for Glaucoma? One of the things about aging that is often most difficult for older adults is the loss of physical functions they have always relied on. Aging changes the way the body works, including the senses. This can leave your aging parent having a more difficult time with tasks they are accustomed to doing. One of the senses that is greatly impacted by aging is sight. …Read More

  3. Six Unusual Ways Seniors Are Earning Spending Money

    Social Security income isn't always enough for retirees. If there are no pensions or other retirement funds to supplement SSI, seniors often end up making choices between medications and food or medical costs and electricity. It shouldn't be that way, but the money seniors get after retirement isn't always enough to keep up with the rising cost of living. If your parents find themselves struggling…Read More

  4. October is Talk About Prescriptions Month – Five Things to Research and Ask

    October is Talk About Prescriptions Month. It's a good time to sit down and look at the medications your parents take. Make a list that you can share with any family caregivers, your parents' doctors, and the pharmacist. You should also look up each medication and create a list of questions if there are things you don't understand. Why Are You Taking It? Doctors may prescribe a medication that you…Read More

  5. Lares Home Care Participates in Job Fair

    Lares Home Care participated in the 2018 Monmouth County Fall Job Fair at Brookdale Community College Collins Arena. With over 140 employers, this was an event not to be missed!…Read More

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Maryanne is celebrating a birthday today! As a founding employee of Lares Home Care, Maryanne has worn many hats while helping our family of clients grow over the years! We wish her the best and celebrate your birthday as part of the Lares Family! Happy Birthday!!…Read More

  7. How Can You Tell if Your Senior Might Be Dehydrated?

    If your elderly family member doesn't drink enough fluids, she's likely to become dehydrated. But the signs of dehydration don't always look the way you expect and your senior might not experience thirst the same way she did when she was younger. This complicates the situation. Her Lips and Skin Seem Dry. When your aging adult isn't drinking enough water, she's liable to experience issues with her…Read More

  8. Training Recognition

    As with many other employees in the healthcare industry, Lares Home Care aides are required to participate in ongoing education and training programs throughout employment. This helps ensure the continued quality of patient care and safety, accident prevention and care management, and regulatory compliance. Once training is completed, each caregiver is entered into a drawing for a recognition rewa…Read More

  9. Employee of the Quarter

    Our Employee of the Quarter Program recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of employees working towards Lares Home Care's goals and overall mission. This quarter we congratulate two employees that have gone above and beyond in their efforts to provide care for our clients.   The first Employee of the Quarter is... Robin Lejda. Robin Lejda - A Certified Home Health Aide for more th…Read More

  10. Home Care Tasks to Take Care of Before Winter Arrives

    Fall is coming. Now is the time to start preparing the house in time for winter's arrival. If you do this while the weather is still warm and dry, you won't be outside in heavy clothing trying to stay warm enough. Here are the home care tasks that you should tackle before the snow falls. Seal Cracks and Gaps Walk around your parents' foundation. You're looking for any cracks or chips. Small cracks…Read More