1. What Can You Do if You’re on Your Own as a Caregiver?

    So many caregivers are completely on their own. Either family members live too far away to participate in caregiving or it really is just you. Regardless, you have to make sure that you've got as many other options as you can so that you don't burn yourself out. Make Sure You've Got a Way to Take Time for You. The biggest danger as a caregiver who is doing it all is that you can very easily burn y…Read More

  2. What Causes Balance Problems?

    Balance problems are common among older adults. They are also one of the things that cause seniors to fall and injure themselves. A person with good balance is able to control the way they move, whether standing or sitting. It allows them to walk without stumbling and bend over without tipping. When an older adult has a balance problem, it’s important to see a doctor to get to the root of the pr…Read More

  3. Talking to Your Parent About Their Upcoming Heart Surgery

    Hearing that your aging parent has to have heart surgery can be intimidating both for your parent and for you. It is very important to remember that, while major, this is a fairly common surgical procedure that is completed successful every day throughout the country. By taking the time to sit down with your parent and talk about their upcoming surgery you can ease your own stress and calm your pa…Read More

  4. Nutrition Tips for Seniors Undergoing Chemotherapy

    There’s no doubt that chemotherapy treatment is hard on seniors. It can cause all sorts of side effects, including difficulties with eating. However, getting the proper nutrition during chemotherapy is important to keep them feeling as good as possible. Good nutrition can also help them to recover more quickly and stave off other side effects. But, it can be hard to know what to do to help your …Read More

  5. What Kinds of Support Can You Find in Your Community?

    Finding support for your elderly family member and yourself can feel impossible at first. But the more you search, the easier it becomes to find support for aging adults and caregivers in your area, even if you're in a more rural location. Meal Delivery Services. Cooking and then cleaning up afterward can be too much for some aging adults. Toward that end, meal delivery services can be a huge weig…Read More

  6. Home Care Focus: Grocery Shopping

    Grocery shopping is one of those tasks that many people take for granted. It is simply something that you do every week or even every few days to make sure that your family has the healthy foods that they need to thrive. For your elderly parent, however, this task might not be that simple. Mobility issues and lack of transportation can make it so that they are not able to get out of the house to h…Read More

  7. Tips for Using a Calendar to Stay More Organized

    Staying organized is one of the most important things that you can do as a family caregiver to ensure that your aging parent is getting the care, support, and assistance that they need while also allowing you to fulfill your other obligations and responsibilities efficiently and with as little stress as possible. While there are many tools that you can use to help you accomplish this, one of the m…Read More

  8. Don’t Neglect Your Dad’s Home When Thinking About Senior Care

    When you think about senior care, you probably think about meal preparation, housekeeping, and transportation. That's the norm for many families. They want their parent to be able to get through the daily activities of living. While that's a good start, you should also consider your dad's home. If his home isn't safe, he's not safe. When planning senior care services, make sure you take his home i…Read More

  9. Ways to Prevent Hip Fractures in Elderly Adults

    Seniors over the age of 65 have a high risk of breaking their hip. This is a traumatic injury that can really affect the health and well-being of even the healthiest senior. Hip fractures can only be treated via surgery, and the recovery is long and often difficult. Seniors must rely on family, friends, and elder care assistance to get through the recovery period for a broken hip. All in all, hip …Read More

  10. What to Expect When Donating Blood with Your Aging Parent

    Donating blood is one of the most powerful and influential things that you can do to help the community and those around you. Each year throughout the United States millions of people need blood, and sometimes the type of blood needed is not available. If more people donated, there would be greater, more diverse stores capable of helping more people when needed, and being prepared in the event of …Read More