Receive The Best Personal Care Services With Lares Home Care


Residents of Old Bridge are accustomed to receiving a high level of quality in their daily goods and services. When it comes to in-home support services, we believe the standard should be even higher. Lares strives to be the best through our high-quality and detailed non-medical home care services. We’re confident that you’ll love our patient-first approach.


Our Approach


Lares understands that retaining independent living is very important for many Old Bridge seniors. We want citizens to thrive and enjoy their time while receiving aid from our personal care assistants. Lares works to provide the perfect caretaker for every patient, where the daily interactions will make us feel more like family than anything else. Every detail is important and every interaction is precious. Lares offers more than residential care; we provide companionship. Developing a personal connection helps to improve our home health services. By following our seven home care principles, our caretakers work to perfect their craft in order to maximize the enjoyment our patients find in life.


What We Do


Our personal care assistants are experienced and certified to help with a full range of daily activities, from teeth brushing to housework. As long as it’s not medical assistance, we can do it! Other common activities that our personal care professionals can handle consist of:

  • Showering or bathing
  • Dressing
  • Meal preparations and feeding services
  • Laundry
  • Caring for pets


When you sign on with Lares, you’re ensuring peace of mind and top-notch home care. Providing the best senior home care is why we’re in business! Why risk trusting yours or a loved one’s health when you can work with best?


We are your Top Rated Local® home care provider. Contact Lares today to see why we’re the best home care provider for Old Bridge Township!