Personal Home Care For Hazlet Seniors


The township of Hazlet, New Jersey, has a rich history and vibrant community. It’s no wonder senior residents want to stay here! Lares Home Care has been providing the best in-home support services to Hazlet residents for years. The secret to our success is our focus on the client and the attention to details. If you have an elderly loved one who wants to retain their independent living, we can help! Lares utilizes a stringent hiring process to ensure that only the best caretakers are available to provide a wide array of senior home care services. Signing on with Lares means you’ll be in good hands regardless of the situation. We follow seven tenets to maximize our services. By following these rules, our staff can provide the Top Rated Local® home care that we’re known for!


The Seven Principles Of Excellent Home Care


  • Trust. Every relationship depends on trust to thrive, and Lares couldn’t agree more! Our personal care professionals work in an honest, respectful manner.
  • Compassion. Caring is built into every aspect of our company. Each visit is accompanied with a lifelong passion for resident care.
  • Family. Our goal is to be more like family than caretaker. With personalized care and daily companionship, our personal care assistants will develop personal bonds with every patient.
  • Care. We utilize the best training and technology to offer premium home care services. You’ll be impressed by our assistance!
  • Dependability. Day-in and day-out, our staff will be prompt and professional at all hours of the day.
  • Security. With such a high standard for our staff, security concerns will be the last thing on your mind.
  • Peace of mind. Best of all, Lares Home Care provides peace of mind for patients and their family members. All of these principles work in concert to provide comprehensive in-home support services 24/7. Life can be turbulent, which leads us to believe that you can’t put a price on peace of mind!

Contact Lares now to see how we can help Hazlet residents maintain their independent living!